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Advocare Trust, Inc.

The Partners Program was developed in 1989 one year after our founding. The program was designed to provide lifelong guardianship and advocacy services to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities who have no family and no one to watch over them.

We found over the years some people with disabilities were abandoned or mistreated, left at institutions and became “wards of the state”. They had no one to monitor their care to ensure they were treated with dignity and respect, receive medical and dental care and someone to choose the best programs for them to live and work in.

Through the generosity of community “Partners”, we have been able to meet this ever increasing need. One third of the individuals we serve today have joined through the generous donations of others.

We regularly receive calls from state social workers who need someone to be guardian for a person with a developmental or intellectual disability, a person who can’t give informed consent for services, a person unable to move to a better setting or receive surgery to improve their lives.

Protective Services workers call when they remove a disabled person from a family home after severe neglect and need someone to take over the decision making tasks, apply for Medicare/ Medicaid services, and basically step into the parent role.

We have facility workers who call us when a young disabled adult ages out of Foster Care and needs a guardian because their parent’s rights have been removed and they do not have the capacity to make decisions for themselves.

There are also calls when an elderly disabled person needs someone to make end of life decisions… all difficult but necessary, and we are honored and a privileged to be able to be there for those moments as well.

Our job begins after those types of calls and ends after many years of service, but it does not really end there…. the kindness shown by your donations keeps on giving as new individuals are chosen and a new chapter begins in the lives of our most vulnerable citizens.

We thank you for your generosity and donations to fund our Partners program.

Advocare Trust, Inc. is a 501-C-3, all donationsof this corporation while the beneficiary resides in Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough county Florida, by providing advocacy to assure their comfort, continued care, nurturing and education. 


We will always care



Advocare Trust, Inc.
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Advocare Trust, Inc. is a charity as defined by IRS statute 501(C)(3). We have complied with the state of Florida charitable solicitation permit requirements.   *A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the division of consumer services by calling toll free withing the state* 800-435-7352. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state..