The greatest concern of parents of children with special needs is
Who will take care of my son or daughter when I am gone?"

The mission of Advocare Trust, Inc. is to administer to the needs of the beneficiaries of this corporation while the beneficiary resides in Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough county Florida, by providing advocacy to assure their comfort, continued care, nurturing and education.
In fulfillment of this mission Advocare will undertake the following activities:

Monitor all services to which our Beneficiaries are entitled.
Serve as advocate, guardian advocate, guardian of the person and or property, client advocate representative payee and life long friend of beneficiary members.
Serve as trustee for trusts established for the benefit of beneficiaries or members.
Seek and apply for funds from all sources, monitor expenditures and provide individual life-time advocacy.



Advocare Trust, Inc.
1501 N. Belcher Road, Suite 219
Clearwater, FL 34683