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The greatest concern of parents of children with special needs is,
“Who will take care of my son or daughter when I am gone”.


The mission of Advocare Trust, Inc. is to administer to the needs of the beneficiaries with
Care, Compassion & Comitment

Who will take care of their financial affairs?

Who will see that they receive appropriate health care?

Who will be their champion in fighting for the services that society and government provide?

Who will care enough to regularly inspect their living and working conditions?

Social service agencies, sheltered workshops, banks and residential facilities will continue to exist when parents are deceased, but our sons and daughters will no longer have advocates as knowing and caring as we have been.
Siblings and relatives may care, but they usually have their own life problems. They probably do not have the necessary knowledge of the services available and they may not always be near when needed.

Non-family guardians and advocates can be hired for a fee. Many are well qualified, but they too are mortal.

Guardianship agencies that serve all types of guardian needs are also available, but they lack the necessary knowledge of the specialized needs of our children. They do not have close contacts with service agencies. They do not have the same motivation to keep abreast of the factors that impact the services to which our children are entitled.

As the result of years of research, Advocare Trust, Inc. (Advocare) was chartered in 1988, to provide Trust, Advocacy, and Guardianship services for its beneficiary members.

Advocare is independent of any federal, state, or local agency, and can therefore be completely objective while working closely with service providers.
Advocare was organized and is managed by parents and professionals who understand the needs of our special children. It was specifically chartered for the purpose of ministering to the needs of the beneficiaries of the corporation as long as they reside in Hillsborough, Pinellas, or Pasco County, Florida.

In fulfillment of this mission Advocare will undertake the following activities:  

• Monitor all services to which our Beneficiaries are entitled.  

• Serve as advocate, guardian advocate, guardian of the person and or property, client advocate representative payee and life long friend of beneficiary members.  

• Serve as trustee for trusts established for the benefit of beneficiaries or members.  

• Seek and apply for funds from all sources, monitor expenditures and provide individual life-time advocacy. 

The workshops, habilitation centers, residential facilities and support coordinators will continue after the parent but the advocacy support of the parents will cease to exist. This growing concern motivated a group of parents to launch an intensive study of the problem in 1985. On June 1, 1985, Advocare Trust, Inc. was chartered as a non profit corporation “for the purpose of administering to the needs of the beneficiaries of the corporation living in Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough Counties. This corporation would provide advocacy to insure care, comfort nurture and opportunities for their children.

With this charter, a corporation was born which is dedicated to the lifelong best interest of the sons and daughters of those who enroll their children. At last there would be someone to assist the disabled adult in their decision making, someone who can make medical decisions, act as guardian, monitor their care and review their financial situation, someone who does not work for the state or facilities to make sure their resources are utilized for their benefit, someone who will fight for them as hard as their parents did during their life time.

As a corporation, Advocare will exist in perpetuity. Siblings, friends and relatives will be assured there will always be someone to provide advocacy services to their family member. This someone will have the specialized knowledge and expertise necessary to navigate the system. The responsibilities will be placed in the hands of professionals, supervised by concerned directions who are parents of persons with disabilities.


We will always care



Advocare Trust, Inc.
1501 N. Belcher Road, Suite 219
Clearwater, FL 33765

Phone: 727-791-3972
Fax: 727-791-3972


Advocare Trust, Inc. is a charity as defined by IRS statute 501(C)(3). We have complied with the state of Florida charitable solicitation permit requirements.   *A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the division of consumer services by calling toll free withing the state* 800-435-7352. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state..